Welcome to the MICE Hub

The MICE hub has been established to promote research and projects in the field of mental health in childhood/education. The Hub brings together researchers across the University of Portsmouth and beyond with a specific interest in this highly topical and constantly developing area Рfrom play therapy and wellbeing in early years, to bullying in schools,  wellbeing of care leavers and mental health literacy in HE.

A central site

For research around mental health in childhood/education, the hub highlights and promotes the research in which members are engaged in, including local, national and international collaborations and networks.

Contemporary Interpretations

Contemporary interpretations of mental health are informed by two major epistemological positions about psychological distress, namely medical naturalism and social constructionism; neither provides a usable solution for practitioners The MICE hub plays a role in informing and reframing debates around mental health.

Pathways to impact

These include:

Academic impact: contribution to scientific advances, across and within disciplines (education, psychology, social work and sociology), in the specific area of mental health in childhood and education, through publications, conferences, public engagement, and networking events.

Economic and Societal impact: the forum will contribute to policy and practice in relation to mental health in childhood and education. In the current challenging financial climate, early intervention, support and promotion of mental health have been identified as reducing healthcare costs in the long run. At the same time, ongoing stigma, controversy and misunderstandings around this topic mean that support and multi-agency teamwork is fractured.