Voice of the Child, Narrative Project, 2014

picture of Mrs. Sukh Hamilton
Mrs Sukh Hamilton

Sukh Hamilton led the project working with the charity Simon Says.

The event took place in two locations and involved working with 12 young people who had experienced significant loss (and several who had experienced multiple losses).

The key aim of the project was to enable the young people to be able to voice in their own words their loss and also to be able to narrate their stories in order to empower other young people who may go through what they were journeying through.

Download ‘Voice of the Child’ (pdf)

Conference, 2015: Children’s Cultures, Wellbeing and Digital Society.

This is a yearly one-day event, with two key note speakers and a number of internal and external speakers. This year’s research symposium was based around the topic ‘Children’s Cultures, Wellbeing and Digital Society’.

The symposium was well-attended, with 100 people signing up; attendees included fellow academics; school teachers; early years practitioners; FE colleagues; representatives from the local council etc.

There were two keynotes:

Dr Sarah Parsons (Universiy of Southampton): “Digital worlds and autism: collusion or communication?”
Prof Louise Arseneault (Kings College, London): ‘Mental Health and Social Isolation & Bullying in Schools’

Parallel sessions were led by internal and external staff. The symposium was a success and is a great way to do some networking and promote research in SECS.

Download Conference 2015 (pdf)