Art and Mental Health have produced a hugely interesting blog post about the connection between art and mental health.

The blog explains how conversations about mental health remain difficult for many people to engage in or initiate, yet mental health struggles are often depicted in or used to inspire artwork.

The blog post (see here) presents a range of pieces of artwork followed by descriptive summaries discussing its relation to mental health.

Mental Health Apps have created a blog post listing what they describe as ‘The 5 Best Mental Health Apps‘.

The blog post lists 5 apps relating to ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing’ support.

For each application it shares:
– A link to download the app
– A summary/description
– Screenshots
– What’s included

They also go on to note their proposed reasons as to why these apps in particularly are successful.

Getting Mental Health Support

The NHS website has a webpage specifically focused on providing information about ‘How to Access Mental Health Services‘.

This webpage signposts viewers to a range of different services and information which may be relevant, some examples are shown below:

Find Mental Health Support Services

Find Mental Health Support for Young People Services

Depression and Anxiety Self-Assessment Quiz

Where to get Urgent Help for Mental Health

NHS E-Referral Services