Getting Mental Health Support

The NHS website has a webpage specifically focused on providing information about ‘How to Access Mental Health Services‘.

This webpage signposts viewers to a range of different services and information which may be relevant, some examples are shown below:

Find Mental Health Support Services

Find Mental Health Support for Young People Services

Depression and Anxiety Self-Assessment Quiz

Where to get Urgent Help for Mental Health

NHS E-Referral Services


Anna Freud (National Centre for Children and Families) have produced a article about ‘Self-care‘ and the benefits of maintaining this using self-care activities.

They have noted that whilst self-care activities do not replace the role of healthcare professionals when an individual is struggling, they can be highly beneficial in supporting mental wellbeing.

They have produced a list of activities which could be categorised under ‘self-care’ and which could provide ideas for use, if you or somebody you know is struggling. You can find the large list of suggested activities here.

Fight for Mental Health have expressed the importance of speaking up and fighting for Mental Health for yourself and/or somebody else.

Mind have highlighted how important it is, now more than ever amidst the pandemic, to show solidarity in the fight towards better support for those struggling with their mental health.

They have noted 2 key ways to show your support:

1. Speak out and share why you are fighting using the hashtags #MHAW and #FightForMH on social media platforms
2. Donate

Mind are using their strategy to change the conversation surrounding mental health and consequently build more positive stigmas.